Valentine's Day

What is the true meaning of valentine’s day?

What is the true meaning of valentine's day
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Valentine’s day has lot’s of mysteries and stories but What is the true meaning of valentine’s day.

I’m also little bit confused about the meaning and history of valentine day. So I spend some time around and find a resonable meaning of valentine’s day.

In my opinion valentine’s day, the meaning is “sexual desire”. I know most of you will be disagreeing with my opinion, but before you leave. I humbly request to you that please read below some lines and you will know it’s damaged in our societies and especially for women’s.

What is the true meaning of valentine's day

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What is the true meaning of valentine’s day?

The celebration of Valentine’s Day has its origin in the third century in the city of Rome, when Emperor Claudius II prohibited the celebration of marriages to young people and it was Valentine’s Day that decided to marry them in secret, resulting in great popularity for this saint who earned the nickname of Patron of Lovers

That date is a traditional celebration that the Catholic Church has authorized, and is commemorated on February 14, the Valentine’s Day ; There are countries where it is known as Valentine’s Day and in others as the Day of Love and Friendship.

From the beginning of time people worship the creator in different ways Quran tells us in the chapter of the Bee.

Surat UL NAHL And verily we have sent to every Nation a messenger.

That they worship Allah and stay away from false gods.

So amongst at the people there were those who believe in one God but there were also people who based their religion on Natural things.

So they based their religions on the movement of the Sun, the stars the heavenly bodies also on the natural seasons. So whether it’s summer season Fall-winter spring also on reproduction. So the mysteries of sexual activity and reproduction within nature. So these nature groups Spread throughout the world and they came in contact with the teachings of Jesus (A.S). When some of his followers ended up in Greece and in Rome.

We know that these followers To a great extent were influenced by Paul. Who had accepted his teaching, but then started to change The message somewhat. A Sort of opening up the doors for other types of beliefs and so we are going into February now and coming out of January. Coming out of the new years.

January was based on Janus Who is the two-faced god. He’s got one face of Spirituality and another face of materialism. And That’s The hypocritical nature of the new years celebration…

It’s supposed to be a spiritual Event… But actually again people are drinking alcohol And being involved in a lot of riotous occasions. So this is the confusion. Now going into February into February now There was celebration Done by the Romans called the Lupercalia And the lupercalia was based upon their Gods of pan and juno.

And February is actually named after one of the Gods as well and so this is a time where you are coming out of the winter. And you are going towards the spring season so they used to have a large gathering of young people. They would take the names of women Put them in a large container And the man would choose them literally have a sexual relationship.

So it was based upon this Cupid concept .

Greek Word and It’s meaning [True meaning of valentine’s day]

The Greek word is eros… erotica. So erotica is basically sexuality that was the main issue on the occasion. And this is where you get cupids from and hearts things like that cause this is actually the ceremony of open sexuality.

What happened was the combined this with Individual named Valentine. Who in the Roman Times In the third century of the Roman era. He was protecting young people. The Roman said no marriage Because we want man to fight strong in battle. So we are not going to let you get married.

Valentine a religious priest. He disagreed with this They put him in the jail. He went against the state. Eventually, they executed him. And on the day of his execution he wrote a letter to Two of the young people getting married and he said From your Valentine. So that’s where Valentines.

He is St Valentine. So they took the concept of open sexuality. Put the name of a Christian priest on it. So it seems like a holiday but actually, it’s the open sexuality of the lupercalia. And that is the dangerous thing for Muslims and people of conscience to get involved in this Because what happens is Pornography, erotica.

This overcomes everything else It seems like its innocent. It’s like they say “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. It seems it’s like innocent because Valentine was protecting young people. But the reality is It is an occasion where more People comment fornication and adultery. Where Rape Unwanted pregnancy happens.

It is actually a dangerous time You will see in the many of the movies. Today erotica is an overriding concept. Sothe movie stars are in space And they are fighting aliens and someone falls in love. They are under the ocean is fighting a beast Someone falls in love. They are playing baseball or basketball Somebody falls in love. Every movie they are falling in love. Why? becuase of Erotica.

So erotica is this Concepts coming out of the Greek culture. That pushed the people towards a loose open sexual relationship. And this, of course, is very destructive to society not only is it going against the law of God. But secondly, it creates unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

It is one of the big problems and It is one of the big problems and closest in the world today plagues in the world today. When people do not organize their life and don’t take responsibilities for their sexuality.

There Is a lot of time in demage that actually comes along with it. Especially for the women. And so therefore we are saying to Muslims don’t play around with the devil. Don’t play around with the evil things and think that it is sport and play. Because what is happening is that young people are going fooled into focusing their life on their sexuality as opposed to focusing their life on their education and on their physical fitness And then grow into their sexuality. This is how societies develop themselves Over the centuries.

And of course, the last revelation Of the Quran “Brought us the beautiful example of the husband and the wife And the family”. And how people can protect themselves and how sexuality can actually be a beautiful thing.

It can be a Halal permissible thing. And not something wild and uncontrolled. And I am proud to be a being a Muslim.

I Hope you understand the true meaning of valentine’s day and understand and Thanks for reading. Please tell us your view about valentine day in comment section.

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