Valentine’s Day Poems

Valentines day poems for mom

Valentines day poems for mom
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Valentines day poems for mom yes we are talking about mom because Mom is the dearest and close person on Earth. Only she has the kindest and sensitive heart in which the fire never goes out.

Only she is capable of self-sacrifice, sincere joy and forgiveness, inexhaustible devotion and loyalty. Only she gives unlimited love and care, without demanding anything in return … Unfortunately, in the whirl of days, we seldom speak gentle and tender words to our mothers.

Valentines day poems for mom

We love them, mentally thank you for your life and care, but we don’t always talk about our feelings: now we forget, now shy, or do not know how to properly express a thought. February 14, as well as March 8, is a wonderful date for the recognition of a mother in love.

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Believe that for the person who gave birth to you, raised and dedicated to you his whole life, beautiful and touching love, and appreciation Happy Valentines Day poems for mom will be the best gift in the world! Happy Valentine’s Day to mother, presented below will help you find the right poems for your parents: most appropriate in meaning and as accurately as possible reflecting your sincere wishes. All verses contain a deep meaning, are easily remembered and are usually accepted with great enthusiasm.

Best Valentines day poems for mom

You can congratulate your mother on Valentine’s Day in an original and unusual way. Give her a handmade card; or write these Valentines day poems for mom on a postcard, and read them expressively when giving the gift. Read more about: Valentine’s day gifts for mom.

Poem 1

On Valentine’s Day
I’ll write in a postcard:
“Mother-mother, dear,
How I love you! ”
And today is a glorious occasion,
Tell you about
What’s in you, what am I in you
In love with your mom!
You fed, you fed,
you raised from an early age
And a beautiful picture came out –
Miracle! On the portrait!
get on the card,
Gratitude from the son (daughter)
On Valentine’s Day of the whole earth!

Valentine day Poem 2

February morning in the snow draw a heart,
I’ll show him to my mother, and then I’ll kiss him,
Congratulations on her Valentine’s Day,
I will say thanks to her for devoting life to me …
I wish you, mommy your love is big and clean
And so that all desires come true very quickly!

Valentine day Poem 3

Moms teach their daughters
Be examples in everything.
It’s true. By the way,
Congratulations not on that.
And that is grateful
And, of course, in love
I’m at you my dear mummy
(Lying in words is excluded!)
Happy Valentine’s Day,
And I wish to go ahead
Days of love illuminated.
May you always get lucky!

Valentine day Poem 4

Cannot be stronger than love
That, that mom feel, to you,
Let this day inspire you
You are my angel who came from heaven.
Let the star guard you
Lightening the obstacles in the way,
Bypassing the trouble
And luck goes ahead.

Happy Valentines Day poems for Mom

Happy Valentines Day poems for Mom

Gentle, touching, filled with love and gratitude poems … Mom will definitely like such congratulations on Valentine’s Day!

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Poem 5

You are the best person in the world!
Both adults and children know this!
I hasten to congratulate you on the holiday of love
My confessions, wishes you catch.
I wish you always be,
So that you, mama, would live forever!
And never, do you hear, never
Do not touch you no bitterness, no harm!

Valentine day Poem 6

Sings outside the windows of February blizzard.
I draw a heart on a sheet of the landscape.
And by choosing red in the watercolor palette,
I’m filling it with love.
On the business of their hands meticulously looking.
Must be “valentine” perfect.
Mummy, I give it to you!
You are the ray of light in my soul priceless!

Valentine day Poem 7

You’re the best mom ever.
More precious than you – no one on the planet
I love you dear, with all my heart I love
To you, on Valentine’s Day, I give a heart!
Let the joy give my “Valentine”
Let the alarm snowflake melt in your heart …
I wish you health, I wish you, love,
Let all your hopes come true!

Valentine day Poem 8

Mummy, let good Valentin
Add more happiness and love more
So that everyone knows that there is not one in the world
And the paternal home meets everyone a little longer.
Mummy, let the sadness leave,
What may not be everything,
And for you to us, dear, not sorry
His love (heart so warmed).

Best Valentines Day poems for mom

Best Valentines Day poems for mom 2019

Congratulations on Valentine’s Day, dedicated to the dearest and beloved person, will always be associated with sensuality, affection, and care. Paying attention to mothers, we make them happy, and this is the best reward for them for hard parental work.

Valentine day Poem 9

Mom, what is love
From you, I first learned.
No mandates, teachings, and words
You showed me your life.
As you, do not know how to love
No man in the universe
Give your heart to others
You always hurry unchanged.
Let me congratulate you
Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day.
Live for many years loving.
May love not to leave you.

Valentine day Poem 10

Beloved, dear mother,
I want you to be happy
Laughing a lot and not getting tired,
Has always been warmed and beautiful.
And may, Valentine’s Day be gentle,
Will cover all your doubts,
And you will feel instantly
All the love that knots like woven,
So saves, caresses the soul,
Easily solves all problems
And life becomes clearer, better
As if a dream – only you and the sun arrows.

Valentine day Poem 11

Mom my dear,
My angel you are the guardian on Earth,
I congratulate you on Valentine’s Day,
And the main words today are all for you!
To love you covered the ocean
So that the in beat with his beloved forever,
For love to lead you through life smoothly
So that sadness you never knew!
Let your youth bloom like a rose
So that with your beloved one you went through the years
So that never in my heart frost has burst,
And may Cupid keep your love forever!

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