Valentine’s Day Quotes

Valentine day quotes for her (Wife or Girlfriend)

Valentine day quotes for her
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Valentine is here and you have to send nice quotes to your partner but you do not know how to be very original. Here you have the happy valentine day quotes to conquer her.

Valentine day quotes for her

When the day of the lovers arrives there are many couples who celebrate it to express their love and to demonstrate in some way all that they feel for each other throughout the year.

Words when they have been chosen from the heart and wisely have the power to heal wounds, to ignite love and to make another person feel wonderfully well.

When you’re in love, everything around you looks much more beautiful, it’s like feeling on top of the world. When a thought crosses your mind it will surely have to do with the love of your life, in this case, that woman who is so special in your life.

If you are one of the people who have trouble expressing their feelings in person and you do not find the right words to be able to express everything you have in your heart… Then we will help you to learn to open your heart to her through the written word. To express that you love her through beautiful words is a great idea, do not miss some Valentine’s day ideas that will make you smile on Valentine’s Day .

Valentine day quotes for her

Surprise with a romantic dinner or with valentine day crafts of all kinds, have become common practices as alternatives to traditional Valentine’s gifts.

1. I will never renounce you nor will I renounce myself, because I will always be by your side and I will love you in the same way that I have done so far. Happy Valentine my dear.

2. From the first moment, I saw you I knew that there would be something special between us… and it was. Ours is pure magic and it makes me very happy to spend my life by your side. Happy Valentine my love.

3. Love has nothing to do with how many days, months or years we have been together. Love has to do with how much I love you every day of my life.

4. It does not matter how much you give, because you will always deserve much more than that. There is not an exact amount of love for you because my love for you has no end. Happy Valentine darling.

5. The love I feel for you has no end, I can love you more and more and never tire of loving you. Happy Valentines Day.

6. You are the most wonderful woman that exists on Earth and I am lucky that you have chosen to be part of my life and to be my partner.

7. Every morning when I wake up at your side I feel an immense happiness because I can see your face and smile at your side. I love you.

8. You are my first thought when I wake up and the last one before going to bed to rest. Thank you for being part of my life. Happy Valentine my life.

Valentine day quotes for her

9. Thank you for being the person you are, for making me grow and for forming a life together with me. Never change because I fell in love being like that. I love you forever.

10. I would not be able to change my life by your side or by all the gold and all the riches of the world, you are my greatest treasure. I love you darling, happy Valentine’s Day.

11. Heaven must be sad because the best angel among them has fallen. That angel is you my life, because there is no one in this world who can overcome you.

12. I lack lives to be able to express to you how much I love you. There are not enough words to show my love for you. I love you.

13. You are the best gift that life has been able to give me. Thanks to you I know what true love is and what it means to love and be really loved. Thanks for that. Happy Valentine’s Day

14. With each beat of my heart my love for you grows and grows stronger and stronger. Happy Valentines Day.

15. You are the impulse that I need to continue forward because I only want to accomplish goals by your side. Thanks for being my energy. I love you.

16. I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I will love you the rest of my life.

17. I will never find a person as wonderful as you and who complements me so well. You are better than a dream.

18. You can not hold my hand for long, but take my heart, I give it to you forever.

19. No matter the roads or obstacles that prepare us life, while we are together nothing can go wrong. I love you today and always .

20. I love you more than yesterday, although today I love you less than tomorrow … Always together, my darling.

Best Valentine day quotes for her (girlfriend or wife)

Not only is the day to give flowers or chocolate to your wife or girlfriend, so we help you with these quotes and images that will surely make someone happy.

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Are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019 and look for quotes or messages to congratulate your wife or girlfriend? This is our selection of Valentine day quotes for her:

Best Valentine day quotes for her (girlfriend or wife)
  • That love, complicity, peace, and happiness are the main ingredients of this trip that has just begun. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Love is a word that means a lot, but not half of what I feel for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • If you did not exist, I would invent you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • The two of us share our dreams, our laughter, our tears… My love for you is special, bigger and deeper each year. I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Yesterday you were part of my best dreams. Today you are part of my best reality I love you!
  • I love you With all the words, letters and pronunciations. In all languages ​​and accents. In all directions and forms. With all the circumstances and reasons. I just love you.
  • Someone as crazy as me needs a screw like you. Happy Valentines Day!
  • Be careful with Cupid, because arrow in an oversight, like me, that the very bandit, in your arms has given me.
  • You started stealing a smile and you ended up stealing my heart.
  • You came to my life without permission, making me forget the past and think only about the future. Thanks for being the way you are!
  • Thanks, therefore, forever, for everything. Happy Valentines Day!

Short Valentine day quotes for her

The romantic short quotes that we have collected are 17 in total, with different tones, from the most mellow to the least. There is a bit of everything in terms of variety. See the list of short valentine day quotes for her.

  • Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential for your own happiness
  • I love you not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you
  • I’m in love with your intelligence, with your way of being, with the way you treat me. I hope you never change that time keeps our love forever.
  • If to see you mean to die, I prefer 1000 times to die of love, to live and not be able to see you
  • Nothing I say or give you can express how much I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love
  • If you lived in heaven, I would die just to go see you
  • The dream of my life was to find love and with you I fulfilled all my dreams
  • I’m sorry for loving you too much, but I do not know how to love you less
Short Valentine day quotes for her
  • I will hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms
  • Today February 14 is my favorite day because I have the perfect excuse to pamper you all day, and I want to start with this message that I chose especially for you, and tell you everything I love you
  • The more time I spend by your side, the more I realize that I am in love with you. Happy Valentines
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. I am enormously HAPPY by your side, I do not want this beautiful LOVE STORY to ever end
  • For you I would give everything, but … what could I give you, if all I have is yours?
  • Love is not counting the years, but the years count
  • Maybe I’m not the richest person in the world, but by your side, I feel the most fortunate
  • Love is like war. Easy to start, but very difficult to stop
  • My life is all day better because you are by my side always in good times and bad

Romantic valentine day quotes for her

Tell your wife or girlfriend how much you love him on this Valentine’s Day with a quote that springs from your heart. Be a romantic on this special date, take the initiative and be the one who expresses your love first.

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Side by side swimming, we will flee without rest or truce to the paradise of my dreams!
Quote from Charles Baudelaire; The wine of lovers, The flowers of evil (1857)

I walk better when my hand squeezes yours.
Quote from Alfred de Musset; To my brother returning from Italy (1844)

Romantic valentine day quotes for her

I am yours and you are mine, we are united forever, never change.
Quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Faust II (posthumous, 1832)

We are so much head resting on the shoulder of the woman we love.
Quote from Paul de Kock; Never, never (1841)

To offer flowers for Valentine’s Day to my beloved is a lack of respect! There is not in this world a single flower that cannot match it, nor even a rose as beautiful as its beauty.
Quote from Maxalexis; A Valentine’s Day of Love (2015)

I’ll go where you’ll go, my most beautiful country is you.
Quote from Maxalexis; The eternal love (1992)

In the land of love for a starry night, meet tonight in our wadded room.
Quote from Maxalexis; A night of love (1995)

Your lips have the color of my hope, your look is my horizon of confidence.
Quote from Maxalexis; I love you and write it to you (2009)

I want an awakening at the dawn of your eyes, to know the drunkenness of your loving arms.
Quote from Maxalexis; The infinite love (1998)

I watch in the morning the dreams of your nights, I breathe love on the days of your life.
Quote from Maxalexis; The infinite love (1998)

I love you more every day, every minute, every second; I have no other thought than you, everywhere I am surrounded by your image; My angel of love, I adore you, I imitate you, I live, I only hope in you: I bless you to be what you are, this woman that I love, and make you thanks to the inexpressible charm that you shed on my life.
Quote from Benjamin Constant; Letter M me Lindsay, December 3, 1800.

I need the air you breathe as the only atmosphere where I can live.
Quote from Benjamin Constant; Letter M me Lindsay, November 23, 1800.

Neither you, nor me, words that love corrects: but we … without end and without return!
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel; The part of the dream (1863)

You and I are united for eternity, death alone can separate us.
Quote from Benjamin Constant; Letter to Anna Lindsay, December 25, 1800.

Nothing in me is extinguished or forgotten; my love of your love feeds: I love you to infinity.
Quote from Pablo Neruda; If you forget me, Long version (1904-1973)

I love you so much that I want to melt with you, lose myself in you.
Quote from Jean Guitton; Interviews on Human Destiny (1970)

I love your love, and I desire your desire.
Quote from Emil Michel Cioran; Solitude and destiny (2004)

You alone are all my joy, all my happiness, all my life; I am only worthy of you and for you.
Quote from Victor Hugo; Letters to the bride, to Adele (1821)

As long as your happiness will never be assured, I want to live.
Quote from Victor Hugo; Letters to the bride, to Adele (1821)

I like who? I like you ! You are the complement of everything.
Quote from Christian Bobin; A little party dress (1991)

The world for me, it’s you, it’s the place where you are: the world is both of us, it’s our love.
Quote from Alphonse Karr; Under the lime trees (1832)

To you my life, my tenderness, to you my heart forever.
Quote from Charles Trenet; Your face (1947)

You can open my arms a hundred times, it’s always the first time.
Quote from Jean Ferrat; It’s always the first time (1965)

You are a flower whose fragrance belongs to me.
Quote from Alphonse Karr; Under the lime trees (1832)

The best trip down here is the one we make to each other.
Quote from Paul Morand; Praise of Rest (1937)

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