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Happy Valentine’s day 2019

happy Valentines 2019
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Valentine’s Day, also known as Love and Friendship Day, is a festivity to celebrate love between couples and friends.

It is a special date for lovers and friends to express their love and affection.

It is a celebration in which the lovers make valentine day gifts (flowers, chocolates), cards are dedicated and letters and happy Valentine’s day messages are written to express their love. It’s a day when people go out to dinner or attend themed events.

Valentines day 2019

All this has contributed to many people criticizing that it has lost its original spirit and that it has become a commercial celebration.

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Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated on February 14 in almost every country. In Colombia, however, the Day of Love and Friendship is also celebrated on the third Sunday of September.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

We all associate Valentine to lovers and, in a certain way, to consumerism, but where does this tradition come from? We tell you its origin.

Flowers, chocolates, sexy lingerie, romantic getaways … We tend to think that Valentine’s Day is more an excuse to consume than a reason to celebrate that we are in love. But do you know the true origin of Valentine’s Day? Why is it celebrated on February 14?

If we forget those posters that populate the streets just after Christmas with announcements about what we should buy to tell our partner that we are in love, we will see that at the end of this day, the famous February 14, there is a lot, but that much love in the air and that the tradition does not come from consumerism, nor is it an invention of department stores to sell even more.

And since it is a feeling that love is also universal, it is as old as the human race itself, the story of Valentine goes back to ancient Rome, specifically to the third century, when a priest decided to marry those boyfriends who they had forbidden it (is not it nice?). At this time it was considered that single soldiers surrendered more on the battlefield because they did not have distractions or typical worries of love in their heads and, therefore, they were forbidden to marry.

Who was St. Valentin? and Why is it celebrated on February 14?

Valentin, that was the name of the priest, refused to renounce his love: he protected and married them in secret, so Claudius III, emperor of Rome at the time, ordered his arrest and subsequent execution. During his stay in jail, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, Julia, to whom he sent a love letter before being executed, what day? The 14th of February. Since then the letters and the date could not have better correspondence.

A story with enough ingredients to go down in history and that every February 14th we remember that, above all the chocolates, the flowers, the romantic dinners, and the giant stuffed hearts, the only thing that really remains is love.

Although, yes, this is just one of the theories that run around this famous party. Another one of them (and perhaps more extended, although less beautiful) is the one that tells that it was the Church that invented this celebration with the aim of completely eradicating a pagan festival.

During the antiquity, in Rome, a celebration dedicated to the fertility was celebrated during which the women waited to be beaten with whips made of the skin of goat and dog drenched in the skin of these animals so that it gave them fertility. Pope Gelasius I strictly forbade this festival and proclaimed February 14 as Valentine’s Day. Later, in 1382, the English writer Geoffrey Chaucer first mentioned Valentine’s Day as a day dedicated to love. It was in a poem called Parliament of the birds.

After Charles VI of France created the Court of Love, in which participants fought to get the love of the maidens on the first Sunday of each month and on Valentine’s Day.

Thus, little by little, this tradition became popular in Great Britain and France.

Valentine’s traditions around the world!

How to celebrate love, depending on where you will travel!

Valentines traditions around the world

Bears, hearts, flowers, and chocolates flood your field of view wherever you look today … How would you celebrate Valentine’s Day if you were at another place on the planet?

Travel with us in 12 parts of our world and see their own special traditions for the day of lovers!

  1. Denmark
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. U.S
  5. PERU
  6. Brazil
  7. The united Kingdom
  8. Finland
  9. England
  10. South Korea
  11. Philippines
  12. South Africa


Although Saint Valentine is a relatively new celebration for Denmark since it began to be celebrated in 1990, it has so far become very popular! In Denmark, lovers exchange compressed white flowers, called “snowflakes”, but also gaekkebrev! The gaekkebrev are funny letters, which men send anonymously to women and which contain humorous poems! If the woman manages and guesses the sender, she wins Easter egg the next Easter!


How is the love day celebrated in one of the most romantic cities on the planet? First of all, Valentine’s cards were devised in France when, in 1415, the Duke of Orleans sent letters to his wife when he was imprisoned! This tradition has continued to date – obviously – and is one of the most popular traditions for this day. Another tradition is the lottery of love In this tradition, men and women gathered in a house and formed couples. The men, who did not like their couple, could leave one woman for another! The first woman, however, had the right to light a fire and burn objects of the man who left her! Indeed, this tradition took so much scope that the French government was forced to ban it!


Originally in Italy, the day of love was celebrated as the day of spring arrival! Couples gathered in gardens, read poetry, listened to music and strolled with their loved ones. Yet another tradition is that on 14/02 free women woke up before dawn and left the house. It is said that the first man who would see that day would be the one who would be married in less than a year! Or at least someone who would look a lot like him. Today in Italy, lovers exchange gifts, go to romantic dinners and eat the famous Baci Perugina chocolates that have a romantic language in 4 languages!


The lovers of the United States give everything to show their affection. Every year, Americans spend $ 18 million that day on candy, cards, chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. Greeting cards are the most usual gift, but not only for couples. Family members, friends, and students also exchange cards with notes of friendship, affection, and gratitude. The most popular sweets in the United States on Valentine’s Day are not the boxes of chocolates, they are the small hearts with messages, such as «Be mine» and «Kiss me». Fun fact: once a year, so many hearts are made that every person in the world could have one!


Thanks to the carnival celebrations throughout the country, most Peruvians have the 14th day as a holiday, which means they have extra time to plan their love itinerary. Instead of giving each other roses, many choose orchids, a native flower of the country. There are even collective weddings for all couples to say “Yes, I accept” the most romantic day of the year.


The Brazilians jump on February 14 and instead celebrate San Antonio, patron saint of marriage and pairing, on June 12.


In the United Kingdom, couples become seriously romantic on Valentine’s Day. The lovebirds of all the islands are given flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. At night, couples usually enjoy a pleasant dinner in the city or opt for an evening at home by candlelight. Either way, love is in the air.


Finland is the perfect place for those who do not have a partner. You do not have to worry about feeling excluded from the holidays because in this country you celebrate with friends. Even the day is called in Finnish “Friend’s Day”, not Valentine’s Day. The official flower is the pink rose, but friends also appreciate gifts, cards or candy.


England has very interesting traditions for the day of lovers. On Valentine’s Day, women put four laurel leaves on their pillow-one in each corner and one in the center-to dream their future husbands! Also in Norfolk there is the tradition of Jack Valentine, who has a “role” Santa and brings to little kids sweets, leaving them on the doorstep of their home! Besides, these are not the real loves of our lives?

South Korea!

Valentine’s Day is very popular in South Korea, and even celebrations last until April! On February 14, women offer their loved ones gifts, while the men’s line comes on April 14, when they have to “answer” by offering them flowers and sweets in turn!


A very special tradition is played in the Philippines, which leads thousands of people to go there to marry or renew their vows! According to her, on the day of the hundreds of couples who are in love, they gather in shopping centers and other public places and marry or renew their vows among thousands of people!

South Africa!

In South Africa, lovers celebrate with the usual exchanges of gifts and sweets, but they also have another special tradition. On February 14, women pin the name of their beloved in their sleeves! So they say, men learned old, about which woman they love.

7 most common mistakes of Valentine’s Day

Valentine is the perfect excuse to tell us and remind us that we are with the person we choose, so that day you should try not to fail.

Valentine’s Day also known as Saint Valentine’s Day has been losing romanticism, and over the years has led to a celebration of consumerism. But, each one of us has the option of deciding how he wishes to entertain his “half orange”.

most common mistakes of Valentines Day

Starting from the premise of originality and details that come from the heart, not the price of the label, could be a correct way to celebrate love.

The psychologist Mila Cahue, author of the book “Love of the Good”, reminds us that “erring is human” and that is why we often incur the same setbacks. In an article published on, the writer drew up a list of the 7 most common faults on Valentine’s Day and that you should try not to commit.

1. Forget the date. This can be a fatal mistake. “Valentine is the perfect excuse to tell us and remind us that we are with the person we choose and thus renew the illusion and avoid that the flame of love is extinguished”, according to the author.

2. “Flower of a day”. Affection and details with your partner should not only be limited to February 14. Dr. Cahue says that the “spark of love” should also ignite the rest of the year.

3. Make plans with friends. The author of “Love of the Good” says that Valentine must be set apart to be with the couple, the other 364 days of the year you can make plans with your friends or family.

4. Valentine does not mean just gifts. Valentine’s Day is to give romantic gestures, which do not necessarily involve spending money. “The most important thing is to show affection,” says Cahue.

5. Gifts to suit you. Stop thinking about yourself and put yourself in the other person’s place. “If you think about the perfect plan to make Valentine’s Day, we must forget what we would really like to do to ourselves,” he clarifies.

6. Not having initiative. You can mistakenly expect your partner to organize something for Valentine’s Day because he has always done it. “Maybe in the first years of the relationship that happens, but with the passage of time we all get tired of the lack of surprises,” says the psychologist and writer.

7. Lack of originality. You can not give similar gifts every year, because you can infer that your partner does not inspire you. “Leave aside the monotony and get the illusion to surprise the couple,” says Cahue.

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