Valentine’s Day Crafts

20 DIY Valentine’s Day crafts

diy Valentine day crafts
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Nothing like giving a handmade crafts on Valentine’s Day .

Discover our 20 DIY Valentine’s Day crafts ideas to make yourself and give as a gift.

DIY Valentine’s Day crafts

Hearts of wax

A fun idea for toddlers. Wax crayons are melted and then allowed to cool in a heart mold. Your children can then reuse them and make colorful drawings!

heart of wax Valentines Day Crafts

Original map

original map Valentines Day Crafts

An original greeting card idea to make yourself using cake candles. Easy and very cute.

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Custom CD

Classic CD Valentines Day Crafts

A classic that is always a pleasure. Select songs that remind you of your loved one and copy them to a compact disc, which you will give to your other half. Add a little phrase for each song on the cover to explain what this piece evokes for you.

Hearts to sow

Hearts to sow Valentines Day Crafts

A perfect idea for botany lovers. Offer paper hearts marked with seeds to be sown. Once under the ground in spring, your heart will turn into pretty colorful flowers.

Decorated pebbles

decoration pebbles Valentines Day Crafts

A cute idea to do with children to offer to mom and dad. Find pretty pebbles that children can decorate with paint and glitter. Real little works of art!

Cup of Love

Cup of Love Valentines Day Crafts

A classic always useful! Get yourself a plain white mug and draw on it with a Sharpie pencil to create a unique and personalized object for the loved one. In addition to being pretty, it will be very useful for morning coffee.

Mason jars filled with sweets

Mason jars filled with sweets Valentines Day Crafts

A different way to offer little treats to those we love. Mason jars are collected and Valentine’s Day candies are placed there. The pots are decorated with ribbons, fabric and colored bows.
Date Planner

We love this idea: a romantic evening planned for each month of the year! We create a little notebook that contains cards for each month, with an idea of ​​exit written on each one. Cinema, restaurant, museum, picnic, skating, mountain walking … Ideas are not lacking!

Key chain darling

Key Chain Darling Valentines Day Crafts

A very practical idea to keep the keys in one place. We sew a cute little cushion decorated with a heart to show our love to the loved one.

Felt Biscuits in Felt

Felt Biscuits in Felt Valentines Day Crafts

We make Chinese biscuits made of felt stuffed with little messages of love. A great idea for a family dinner with our loved ones!

Heart pomp-on

Heart Pomp-on Valentines Day Crafts

Kids will love this idea that they can wear all day long. Give them a little necklace with a woolen heart. Easy to do and very original!
Here’s how to make a wool pompon easily:

Wall light

Wall light Valentines Day Crafts

We like this idea of ​​creating a heart-shaped wall light. A nice surprise to offer to our loved ones and very easy to do!

Sweet word book

Sweet Word book Valentines Day Crafts

Here is an original idea to gather all the reasons why you love your darling. Take a deck of cards and sand it lightly to make it look old. Double punch each card and connect them together. On each card, write a reason why you like your Valentine. Sweet emotions guaranteed!

Scratch card

Are you lucky in love Valentines Day Crafts

Another very original DIY greeting card template: a scratch card to find out if the loved one is lucky in love. Will he win?

A pot of love words

A pot of love words Valentines Day Crafts

Write on small pieces of paper full of beautiful messages of love for the loved one. Drop them in a small bottle or in a Mason jar, then give this sweet gift to your valentine.

A hunt, my treasure?

A hunt my treasure Valentines Day Crafts

Why not organize a treasure hunt to be loved! Hide clues all over the house, which will lead to the ultimate surprise. Pleasure assured!

Surprise envelopes

Surprise envelops Valentines Day Crafts

Write a series of short letters, which you will then put in separate envelopes. Write on each envelope a specific moment to open them: when darling is sad, when he needs to know how much you love him, when he is angry, etc.

Bottle in the sea

bottle in the sea Valentines Day Crafts

This is the principle of the message in the bottle to the sea. Write a beautiful message on a sheet, which you wrap and slip into a beautifully decorated glass bottle. Then offer it to the loved one. A romantic way to offer a love letter!

Privilege Coupons

privilege coupes Valentines Day Crafts

We like the idea of ​​single-use coupons. Offer a series of coupons that entitle you to a specific treat: a bedtime lunch, a massage … What you want! The loved one can use them whenever he wants.

3D heart

3D hearts Valentines Day Crafts

A card very easy to make, to offer as a gift to your valentine geek !

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